Monday, September 29, 2014

Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder Reviews, Hemp Protein Chocolate Shake, Breakf...

YIKES! I didn't know this was posting in THIS blog... Please forgive me! Anyway, here it is - I'll make up a different blog for my reviews. :) Nutiva has long been my choice of vegetable or I'd go so far as ato say vegan protein powders (even though I am not vegan, I still enjoy vegan meals. The company recently changed its look, which I cover in this review, but it's still the same, delicious product! In the homemade version I demonstrate in this video, I'm still getting about 11 grams of protein in the 8 ounces I just made while I was making this video.  I don't see enough about hemp protein powder Youtube stuff, so, hopefully this last-minute quick discussion will help anyone who wants to see this organic hemp protein by Nutiva in action! Have a look!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good Grief! Has it been THAT long since I've posted??

Ok. I cannot believe I haven't posted in my blog since JANUARY! Boo hiss! Please forgive me guys.

The only actual legitimate reason I have for not posting at least for a little while is explained by looking at the photo at right: That was the day we came home from South Carolina a little too early, in April. We had to drag our truckload of belongings to the house (it took us 2 days), and were unable to drive up to the house itself for nearly 2 weeks.

Our internet really died at the place we were staying in SC, and I had about 2 weeks where there was virtually no work being done.

Other than that, however, there's no excuse!

I guess that I have really got to work on being a bit more consistent here.

Especially when so much has been going on, and given how much I have learned over these last few months!

There's so much to tell you - and I hardly know where to begin!

I'll make up my months of silence with this more extensive post.

Let me see if I can just break this down into a REALLY easy summary.

About 2 years ago, I initially joined Bring the Fresh. If you read some of my earlier posts, you can see what I mean about finding incredible support in their forum. I've also talked about the forum quite extensively here. That forum is just one of the most chock-full-of even-keeled advice I've seen.

And, it has been from the beginning.

Anyway, after a while, we (collectively - all of us at the forum) began to notice one particular guy post one success after another. It was like we waited with baited breath for his next posts!

So, that was Greg Morrison, and his results were just astonishing. I mean, by ANYONE'S standards, Greg was just blowing the lid off internet marketing.

I introduced Greg in this post here.

Fast Forward a Little:

Well, after Greg had such amazing success with what HE was doing - using the Bring the Fresh techniques to his own style and interests in marketing - more local SEO than affiliate marketing, he launched his own product with the help of Mike Long and another guy named David Mills. Everyone called Greg a "One Man Gang" - and that name is the one that was subsequently given to Greg's own program.

Obviously, at this point, it was important that Greg concentrate on his own stuff, so he isn't on the BTF forum anymore - but a lot of us are in BOTH programs, myself included.

Now, at some point last year, I wound up working in the background on Greg's team (thanks to Greg & his project manager, who turned out to be none other than MY good ol' accountability buddy, Martin!)

This is where I have a perspective of BOTH programs that not many people do. Keep in mind I am NOT behind the scenes anywhere with Kelly's BTF program - I'm merely a regular member, learning and applying just like everyone else over there.

And also, remember that just because I do a little work behind the scenes with Martin for Greg's team, I STILL have to "learn and apply" what Greg teaches - just like everyone else does.

So, having said that...

Here are the Important Differences Between Bring the Fresh and One Man Gang / No Holds Barred:

I believe that what I offer you here is going to really help you decide which - if either - of these programs might be best for you. In some cases, both will be a good fit. Personally, I like being a member of both - but it was an evolution of sorts for me. I started with BTF, and then joined OMG as well a little later.

Bring the Fresh: In my view, BTF is the perfect vehicle for people who are fairly new to internet marketing, and who want to dip into the waters with affiliate products and relatively smaller sites.

This is one of the things that I got most out of the program when I first joined up. Kelly is a natural at this - and he keeps the instruction fairly uncomplicated. The forum is second to none - and frankly, I do not think I have EVER had a question go unanswered on the forum.

The costs involved with becoming an affiliate marketer do not have to be daunting. A couple domains, some hosting, and elbow grease as you follow the directions. There can be some outsourcing involved, but Kelly and the members on the forum are ALWAYS offering advice on ways for us all to do more and spend less.

One Man Gang (OMG) / No Holds Barred: Kind of 2 programs - OMG being a "basic" and inexpensive program with a secondary program, "No Hold Barred" being a "limited seating" and intensive type of program that opens up every 3 months for a new group that needs or wants more extensive, one-on-one training.

Now, in a nutshell, the FOCUS of the OMG program is "local SEO" versus affiliate marketing. In other words, creating sites based on the needs of a particular regional type of business niche, and then offering those sites to potential clients or advertisers.

I know that it works because...(drum roll)... I just landed my first local client myself!

This is a little more intense - I must be upfront here. My jaw still drops when I see yet another member casually state that they just made $5,000 last month, or - in one guy's case - $50,000 (yeah, that one caught my eye).

Like I said, it's intense.

Now, can you be a newbie and still go after local SEO? Absolutely. Can you use Greg's techniques with Affiliate Products? Yes, 100% yes.

It's just a little different approach. It's up to you to decide at what level you want to learn.

So, here is the bottom line - and some links for you if you want to check out either (Yes, I am an affiliate for both - so, should you decide to join via my links, I'll get a little cut, and I'll be thankful to you - whoever and wherever you are!) :)

To check out Bring the Fresh - simply visit THIS LINK (for Bring the Fresh)

To check out Greg's "One Man Gang" machines - simply visit:
->  THIS LINK (OMG/No Holds Barred) PART 1
-> and then THIS LINK for PART 2

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A 1099 for 2012 - and some thoughts

Well, this is kind of fun! Even though I'm still considered a bit of a novice, I'm still pretty psyched!

For the first time in my meager internet marketing career, I'll be getting a Form 1099 from ClickBank! (in a nutshell - for all you non-US folks, it's a tax form that companies have to send out when they've paid out more than $600 to an individual).

I actually earned over $1,000 in 2012 from ClickBank, alone and have already received my first check from them for 2013! Ok. I know...I know... I'm not a guru making $1,000 per day like a lot of those guys talk about.

If my screenshot doesn't seem exciting to you, so be it! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

On a brand new site toward the end of the year, I earned an affiliate commission of $25 within my first 22 or 23 clicks (it was in a different affiliate program - not ClickBank). Then, this month already, I've earned an additional $45 from that same program (this time it took about 36 clicks). This was a "by the book" website created ala the Fast Start Guide at Bring the Fresh

Over at Squidoo, I had the excitement of a little kid at Christmas when people commented that they liked my writing and also BOUGHT STUFF from me! :) Seriously, that was a lot of fun! AND I got some payments from Squidoo! (BTW: My good friend Martin has shared a lot of what he knows about Squidoo in the One Man Gang program.

I'm in discussions with the management of another product that is interested in my being an affiliate for them.


Oh... major affiliate marketing hint here for any of you who are beginners!

I have come to realize that when I speak (or email) PERSONALLY with the management of a particular product sold via affiliate channels, they are much more interested in working with you and helping you in your sales efforts.

In other words, instead of just being some marketer who signs up willy-nilly for this or that affiliate program, I do some research, and then get to know the company and its product personally. Remember that the FDA's rules about promoting and making claims about products are quite strict as well.

By the way, this is something that Greg Morrison has emphasized to me personally: he really likes to use the products he is going to promote. Let's face it... Doesn't it sound better to review something in your own experience and your own words? Yes. It does.

I have a friend from Slovenia who is EXTREMELY successful in affiliate marketing, and talk about things in his own way, with his own "accent" - and he mentioned that he realizes that English is not his first language, but that he speaks from his heart (kind of like yours truly here!).

So, 1) speak from your heart, and 2) speak to the affiliate managers at the potential programs or product companies you want to market, and 3) do the best you can to actually USE the products.

Anyway, I need to head on back to some work I'm doing. But I was pretty psyched to see that I was getting a Form 1099 from ClickBank. Pretty cool! :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Gratitude ... Thank you to the "Guys" in my life!

I know I haven't posted in a while. There's a very good reason for it. I've been working! Been doing a lot of work on websites - some mine, some not mine.

But this particular post is to thank the most special guys in my life. I think I'll just let my video say it all. This one is for you guys: My Dad, Kelly Felix, Mike Long, Greg Morrison, Martin Lotsberg, and my most amazing husband John Tremblay. Gentlemen... this one's for you! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

This isn't Rocket Science! Greg proved it. JimmyS proved it. Josh proved it. Martin proved it. I proved it. And a lot of others proved it.

I've been busy lately working my websites and not spending a lot of time here on the blog. Please forgive me!

I'm actually not that "social" in that as much as I love my newsletter and interacting with my readers on one of my other websites, I don't do a lot of "Facebook" or "Twitter" stuff.

For some reason, I really, really enjoy the niche keyword research, putting 2+2 together (again, not very difficult math!), and then putting a model or puzzle together as a result of what I learn. I just love this stuff!

When - just last week or so - Greg Morrison (aka "melovemoney") launched his "over the shoulder" view of what he has learned in Bring the Fresh called "One Man Gang" or OMGMachines (here's the post where I mention it), I realized that this - this community, this group of people that I've come to know on the forum and also personally in some instances, really has a solid, firm base in a passion for excellence.

Greg, for example (and you'll see this if you look at his videos here), does not show off any fancy cars or houses. There's a really, really tear-jerking reason for this. And, for crying out loud! He's a KID! (ok... in MY eyes, anyway). He doesn't want that stuff right now because he has a family he really wants to provide for.

He also is humble, and wants to share what we've all been learning. For some reason I don't quite understand, Greg has a bit of a gift in helping others understand these methods.

NOTE: UPDATE: Here is a Video of Greg answering the most Frequently Asked Questions about his OMG Machines V-Book - and he literally went through EVERY question on the Bring the Fresh forum. So, if you have about 37 minutes or so, listen to Greg's answers to all of us right below - To Check out Greg's OMG Machines Program (cheap! $47 for the basic V-Book, or an additional $99 for the extra info) - then please click here.

I prefer working kind of "in the background." May I point you to a post I made about 2 months ago? If so, please check out what I talked about here, when I mentioned Greg Morrison, and what he has to say now. Thanks so much.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Ok... ok... I know... Don't yell... I'm just a wee bit excited. And to those of you already making gajillions of dollars, this won't be to exciting for you. But for me, it means the NEXT STEP.

This year, for the very first time, I will be receiving a Form 1099 from ClickBank! If you are in the US, you know that a 1099 is a form that companies have send to the IRS to report when someone earns more than $600 (I'm pretty sure that $600 is the threshold). (BTW: Thank you to my Squidoo friend who saw this post and congratulated me! :) )

So, yes! That means on Clickbank alone, I've earned at least that much! Why am I so excited? Because, my friends, that means PROGRESS! I've made progress!

I've stayed at it. I haven't quit. I keep writing good content. (I really do... Quality content will always be King/Queen!).

And, another thing. For the first time, I'm receiving checks for more than one pay period in a row! I'm practically giddy folks. Can't help it!

Recently, a guy at our forum at Bring the Fresh began a thread talking about his strategies for writing and promoting. He is so incredibly helpful - a lot like Greg (aka "melovemoney" that we talked about a couple of weeks ago here on this blog).  He has answered questions that I've posed as well. And, when I began to look at some of his advice, I thought, "You know... this is very doable!"

So, I've begun tracking some of the way I write and promote my own stuff, to compare, and to try to see if I can track trends.

What it really turns out to be with this business is that it doesn't take any special analytical skills. It DOES take some skillsets - but these are ALL learnable.

If you had told me about 5 years ago that I could learn this stuff, I'm not sure I would have believed you. But, here I am. Learning and imlementing every day.

I'm pretty psyched! I just wanted to let you know this latest little progress report! Hard NOT to be encouraged!

:) Join us. Here.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

People, if you don't believe ME, maybe you'll believe Greg!

I have been extremely fortunate and blessed to actually have received some incredible examples and personal advice from Greg Morrison, or, as he is known on our Bring the Fresh forum as "melovemoney."

If you have about 30 minutes or so, would you please watch the video that Greg and Mike Long made? Greg has been a member of Bring the Fresh for just over a year - he joined in June of 2011, and put the pedal to the metal right away. In many internet marketing circles, he is becoming very well known. Over the course of the last year, he kept all of us on the edges of our chairs as he documented his progress over the year - and a few months ago, he hit the million-dollar mark.

IMPORTANT UPDATE as of September 2012: Greg - with the "thumbs-up" and support of Kelly and Mike - agreed to allow us - you - to "look over his shoulder" as he builds one of these sites. Guys and gals: Greg is a doll, and he is the real thing. Because I know some of the stuff he's sharing here, I can assure you that this is honestly all 100% true. I mentioned earlier that I have been blessed to work a bit with Greg. And so I can ASSURE you - with 100% of my heart - that Greg is a young man of amazing integrity. I asked him if I could adopt him, but evidently, he's already in a happy family! :)  Check out what he is sharing here - (CLICK HERE) and I promise you that you will NOT be disappointed. PLEASE GIVE YOURSELF 30 MINUTES!

Frankly, my own jaw had dropped when he did this. He has been more than generous with his tips and advice - but bottom line? He honestly just followed the program steps. With an enormous amount of effort and old-fashioned elbow grease.

In the link here where he reviews what he has been doing this past summer, he actually brings you into what he has learned via Bring The Fresh, with his own twist. And Mike and Kelly are totally fine with this - Greg proved that Bring the Fresh WORKS!

People, I HAVE PROVED IT TOO! But, not to the extent that this regular young guy who is running rings around me has.  By the way, Greg isn't the only guy making money - he does happen to be someone who just went nuts with what he learned, and we are all learning from his example. I know I am.

Click Here to Join Greg Morrison's "One Man Gang" - or OMGMachines Now!

Incidentally - Here is a special video Greg made months ago about Bring the Fresh. If you join us there - even if you don't join Greg's special "OMGMachines" - you'll STILL meet him. He isn't going anywhere. :)